WEEE recycling & IT disposal – London Uk

We are an expert in the collection and recycling of IT systems and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), and will provide a flexible service tailored to your requirements.


We offer a simple solution for disposal and recycling of IT/WEEE from a computer monitor, printers, fax machines and IT equipment to fridge freezers and bulky equipments. PCB Recycling

Our service includes removal of IT and other equipments from anywhere on the premises and disposal of them to treatment facilities for reuse, refurbishment or recycling.

We currently recycle 80% of all IT disposal and WEEE material we handle and we are looking in to increasing to 100% as soon as technology and legislation allow.

Generally it is not practical to refurbish the equipment to be resold. If this is the case it will be broken down to component level for re-use or, if that is not possible, it will be broken down to the material level for raw material recovery in accordance with the standards laid down in WEEE.

We also provide an Business Clearance service to provide a complete package for your requirements.