Storage Box Shop

Purposely built in Britain!

The boxes we provide are the strongest in the industry. They are made of a double thickness and designed for unlimited travel and stacking.

They are tear and water damage proof with a guaranteed capacity of 20KG.

We will deliver the materials to you as we come to collect your belongings. If you wish to obtain them previous to this, we can deliver them at a minimum £25 fee if the box shop spending is over £50.

Please Contact us in order to make your purchase.

Small storage box 18″x18″x10″ - £1.79
Small storage box
10″x13″x15″ – £2.95
Medium storage box 18″x13″x13″ - £2.50
Medium storage box
18″x13″x13″ – £3.85
Large storage box 18″x18″x20″ - £3.50
Large storage box
18″x18″x20″ – £4.20
Archive Box small £2.89, Large £3.40
Archive box
Wine Holder Box Price: £2.89
Wine holder box
Wardrobe box large: £9.99
Wardrobe box large: £12.50
Bubble wrap Price: £0.49 per meter
Bubble wrap roll
£0.59 per meter
Paper Wrapping Price: £6.99 per pack
Paper wrapping: £7.99 per pack
Bubble Blanket Price: £1.89 per Meter
Bubble blanket: £2.50 per meter
Blankets Price: £4.99 each
Blankets: from £6.99 each
Assorted Packing Tapes Price: £1.99 each
Assorted packing tapes: £2.65 each
Fragile Packing Tapes Price: £2.50 each
Fragile packing tapes: £2.95 each
Cutting Knife Price: £2.99
Cutting knife small: £4.50
Assorted Colour Markers Price: £1.50
Assorted colour Markers: £3.50
Standard Padlock Price: £6.99
Standard padlock small: £9.50
Protective Corners Price: from £2.00
Protective corners: from £4.00
Peanut foam Void fill
Peanut foam Void fill £pls call
Sofa / mattress covers Price: from £2.99
Sofa / mattress covers: from £4.50