Storage Insurance Cover

Insuring your goods while in storage is a UK legal requirement even though our storage facilities have a high security and monitoring system as well as being purposely safely built.

We offer a free insurance as part of our services for up to £500.

Monthly rates

Up to £1000 £5/month
Up to £10,000 £50/month
Up to £15,000 £75/month
Up to £25,000 £125/month

Insurance for boxed items

Your boxed items will only be insured if packed by our team. We do not insure items that have not been registered on our inventory lists.

If packed by you, only the boxes themselves will be insured, we do not take any responsibility for what is inside as we are unaware of the boxes’ content or of how the items were packed.

We recommend for you to check out your “Home and Content Insurance”. This usually covers the move as long as you use a professional removal company, which we are.

Goods in transit insurance

We own a “Goods in Transit” insurance, which will cover all your items during the move whether it is for collection or returns. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.