What is non-access storage?

Non access storage is designed with the customers who do not have a regular need of their stored goods and want to store for a longer period in mind.

Unlike self storage, you do not have 24/7 access to your belongings but is up to 50% cheaper.

Our modernised storage facility is dry, bright, safe, secure and protected by security system directly connected to the emergency services, including 24/7 CCTV, fire and smoke alarms.

How much space do i need?

Please use our storage calculator here

Where is your storage warehouse?

Our purposely built modernised storage facility is located at Park Royal Business Centre, London NW10 7LQ.

Our storage warehouse is dry, bright, safe, secure and protected by monitored security system which is directly connected to the emergency services through BT Red Care, including 24 hours CCTV, fire and smoke alarms.

Can I‌ visit the storage warehouse?

No. Only our insured personnel are allowed in to our storage facilities. Unlike self storage, there is no visitation and you have no access to your belongings.

What if I‌ need my items?

You can always have an item delivered to you, but you can not physically visit your NO VISIT storage. That’s how we can offer cheap storage prices in London UK.

How do I Pay?

We accept card payments, bank transfer, Paypal and cash on delivery.

Are my items insured?

Insurance cost is set at £5.00 per £1000.00 covered. With our insurance you have the freedom to insure your goods for as little or as much as you require or to alter it as and when you see the need. Please visit our insurance page.