Frequently Asked Questions

Non-access storage

What is non-access storage?

Non-access storage is a low cost solution for customers who do not need to access their stored goods regularly and need a long term storage space. 

Even though you won’t be personally able to come to the premises and access your items we will deliver to you your desired belongings at any time during your time with us. Our inventory lists and labelled items facilitate an easy and organised process to return the precise possessions to you.

Self-storage is usually rented to tenants for a short-term storage. Even though you can pick up and drop off your items, it is an unnecessary extra cost for long-term stored items. 

Storage typeCost24/7 accessTerm
None Access Storage (us)LowxLong term
Self StorageHighShort term

Can I have access to my items during my storing period?

Even though you won’t be personally able to come to the premises and access your items we will deliver to you your desired belongings at any time during your time with us. Please see our collection and returns page for costs.

How can I be sure to have the precise items returned to me?

Our inventory lists and labelled items facilitate an easy and organised process to return the precise possessions to you.

Is there anything I can’t store?

We do not permit the following items to be stored on our premises:

  • Food and perishables
  • Living creatures and organisms
  • Weapons, ammunition and explosives
  • Items emitting fumes (e.g. barbecue)
  • Illegal substances or goods obtained illegally.
  • Flammable materials, liquids or compressed gasses.
  • Precious stones, precious metals, jewellery, watches, ivory or stamps
  • Antiques, furs, fine arts, mobile phone, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, alcohol, beers, wines, ciders, spirits or perfumery.
  • Money, cash, cheques, vouchers, coins, negotiable instruments, deeds, bullions, bonds, securities and the like.
  • Pollutants likely to cause contamination, infestation, encouraging vermin and other pests or emit fumes smell or odour.
  • Electronic items (see terms and conditions)

These forbidden items may cause harm to yours or other customers’ belongings as well as our staff members. We reserve the right to remove and dispose without warning of any of the above if found in your stored items.

If any forbidden items are found, we will be obligated to search your remaining items for further prohibited items.

Can I buy packing materials from Storage Inn?

Yes, if you head to our page you can view our range of storage boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, bubble blankets and all sorts of packing materials that we will deliver to you on collection day. If you wish to receive the packing materials earlier we can bring them to you for a minimum £25 delivery fee as long as the total box shop spend is over £50.

Can I share my storage space with another customer?

Unfortunately you are not able to do so. All our storage space is assigned to one customer. This measure is taken to avoid mixing belongings, which may cause loss of items.

Do you provide man and van rental services for moves?

Yes, we do. Head to our man and van page for prices. We also provide short-term storage in case of moves of refurbishments.

What information do I need to provide to use Storage Inn’s services?

Before we provide any of our services, we will require the following information from the customer:

Full name, phone number, email address, home address, proof of address and an ID or passport copy.

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Storage Space

How much space do i need?

Please use our storage calculator here.

I’ve used the storage calculator and am still unsure of the space needed.

We can help you calculate your needed storage space by evaluating your items during a free quotation visit. Book your visit here.

Is the storage facility safe?

Our purposely-built modernised storage facility is located in London. The space is dry, safe and secured with PIN code access and protected by a monitored security system which is directly connected to the emergency services via BT Red Care It also has 24 hour CCTV monitoring and is equipped with fire and smoke alarms..

Can I visit the storage facility?

No, you are not able to visit our premises, only our ensured personnel are allowed in the storage facilities. Unlike self-storage, you have no direct access to your possessions.

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Payment and pricing

How do I pay?

We accept online card payments, bank transfers, PayPal and cash on delivery.

Do you do any student discounts?

Even though we don’t offer an actual student discount, we do offer free collections and returns for over 6 months storage stays.

Do you have any promotions or discounts?

For over 1 year long-term storage stays we offer free returns as well as a monthly storage discount. Please see our long-term storage page for more information.

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Collection and returns

How do I book my collection and storage?

We have many ways for you to do so, you can use our storage calculator which will lead you to a booking form, you can also email us at [email protected] or call us on 020 7101 9325.

How do I know when your team will arrive for collections or returns?

During the booking process, we will fix a time and date at which we will arrive punctually.

Do I need to provide a parking slot for the van?

It is indeed required that the customer organises a parking space for our team as we are unable to research it for every job we do. If we receive a parking fine during the collection or return process with will have to charge the customer for it.

Must I bring all my items to the ground floor for collection?

No, our team is fully trained for lifting light as well as heavy items from all floors. However we will require extra manpower to do so therefor will charge extra for this service.

Can you collect from and return to any address?

We do indeed. Most of our customers actually use storage space when moving from one accommodation to another.

Am I able to cancel or reschedule my collections and returns?

You may cancel or reschedule any of these up to 24 hours prior to the booked time. Same day cancellation will be charged £45.

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Insurance cover

Do I have to insure my items?

Insuring your goods while in storage is a UK legal requirement even though our storage facilities have a high security and monitoring system as well as being purposely safely built.

Are my items insured?

We offer free insurance up to £500 worth. With our insurance you have the freedom to insure your goods for as little or as much as required. You may alter it when desired. Please visit our insurance page for more information and prices.

Are my boxed items insured?

Your boxed items will only be insured if packed by our team. We do not insure items that have not been registered on our inventory lists. If packed by you, only the boxes themselves will be insured, we do not take any responsibility for what is inside as we are unaware of the boxes’ content or of how the items were packed.

What if my items are lost in transit ?

We insure and take responsibility for any items recorder on the inventory list.  We also have a “Goods In Transit” insurance in case of risk, loss or damage caused beyond our control.

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