Our Storage Rates

London is a constantly a evolving city with accommodation and spaces constantly shrinking. People all around the capital are in growing need for storage to be able to hold on to belonging they don’t need on a daily basis.

Long Term Storage3 months6 monthsover 12 months
Free Collection
Free Returnxx
Size Weekly
up to 20 Sq.ft £12
up to 25 Sq.ft £15
up to 30 Sq.ft £18
up to 35 Sq.ft £21
up to 40 Sq.ft £23
up to 45 Sq.ft £26
up to 50 Sq.ft £29
up to 60 Sq.ft £35
up to 70 Sq.ft £41
up to 80 Sq.ft £44
up to 90 Sq.ft £51
up to 100 Sq.ft £53
up to 110 Sq.ft £57
up to 120 Sq.ft £62
up to 130 Sq.ft £67
up to 140 Sq.ft £72
up to 150 Sq.ft £77
We offer an all-inclusive service including free collection

Long-term storage is the perfect solution for this and it’s a service we proudly provide.

With long-term storage, you can go about your daily routine, focusing on your priorities with the knowledge that your belongings are safely kept out of your way until you need or want them back.


Long-term storage discounts are available for 1 year and over terms, they include free returns (extra manpower not included).