Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions explain the rights, obligations and responsibilities of all parties in this contract. The use of the words “you” or “your” represents the customer: “We”, “us” or “our” stands for “Storage Inn” and staff. Terms and condition may vary in case of written agreement between the customer and Storage Inn


  • We only offer non-access storage, which mean that you won’t be aloud on the storage premises to visit your goods. We will deliver to you any items on your inventory list at any time during your storage period with us.
  • We do not tolerate verbal or physical abuse towards our staff and reserve the right to refuse or stop a job if such misbehaviour occurs.
  • The following items are forbidden for storage:
    • Food and perishables
    • Living creatures and organisms
    • Weapons, ammunition and explosives
    • Objects emitting fumes (e.g. barbecue)
    • Substances or goods obtained illegally.
    • Materials, liquids or compressed gasses.
    • Precious stones, precious metals, jewellery, watches, ivory or stamps
    • Antiques, furs, fine arts, mobile phone, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, alcohol, beers, wines, ciders, spirits or perfumery.
    • Money, cash, cheques, vouchers, coins, negotiable instruments, deeds, bullions, bonds, securities and the like.
    • Items likely to cause contamination, infestation, encouraging vermin and other pests or emit fumes smell or odour.
    • Electronic items (see terms and conditions)

If any of the items above are found in your storage we reserve the right to search the rest of your items to insure there aren’t any more forbidden goods. We will also dispose of such objects without notice to prevent any harm caused to yours or other customer’s belonging and for our staff’s safety.

  • 2 weeks notice is required for vacating the storage unit.

Insurance and inventory lists

  • An inventory list will be made of all your items before they are taken to storage, this does not include pre-packed goods as we won’t have proof that the items are there nor in what condition they are.
  • Goods packed by customers are not covered by the insurance policy as we are unable to know the item’s condition pre-storage or if they were packed adequately to our safety standards.
  • Our free insurance only covers up to £500.
  • We offer more insurance for higher fees.
  • Insurance for stored goods is a legal requirement in the UK.
  • “Goods In Transit Insurance” covers all our vehicles. This includes third party, fire, theft and water damage.


  • Free delivery only applies to over 12 months storage.
  • Discounted storage prices only apply to over 12 months storage stays. In case of breach of contract, we will charge the price difference for every month the discount has been applied to

Collections and returns

  • Free collection only applies to 1 man and a van. Any extra manpower will be charged extra.
  • Extra manpower occurs when dealing with heavy and bulky items or collections and returns above ground floor.
  • We do our best to be punctual for collections and returns, in case of delays due to circumstances beyond our control; we do not offer discounts or refunds for lateness.
  • Return charges will occur when the service is requested.
  • The customer must provide a parking slot for our team to collect and return items. In case of a fine, we will be obligated to charge you for it.
  • Unless you have pre-booked clearance services with us, we will not provide this service when effecting collection.


  • Payment queries must be directed to our head office only. Our staff are not authorized to amend quotations or due sums.
  • Storage payments are to be paid monthly
  • We use companies such as “Stripe” and “Freshbooks” to send you your invoice through which you can make your payment and install a direct debit system.
  • After 8 weeks of non-payment since the last invoice, your stored goods will be taken by our disposal team and your contract will be passed on to our debt collection company.
  • All payments must be made prior to collection. In default to such payment, we reserve the right to refuse starting the removal process.

Cancelations and rescheduling

  • We do not charge for cancelations if written notification has been given 24 hours prior to collection or return time. If failure to do so you will be charged a £45 cancellation fee.

Personal information

  • Any personal information we have required, may be used to contact you in the future.
  • You have to keep us updated on any changes of personal information (e.g. name, phone number, address and more).